We are often asked why Valley Views has Curved Walls. The simple answer is that Mark was inspired by Norman Foster’s 30 Mary Axe, more affectionately known as The Gherkin in London.

But there is more to it than that. Why do we feel comforted when someone wraps their arms around us?

In the picture above of a sleeping new-born we can see the child looking safe and comfortable. Reminiscent of it’s feelings inside the womb. This same memory of  human love and comfort can be felt in the incredible rooms of Valley Views. It is not for nothing that in Feng Shui, the curved walls are king.

When we were babies, our parents held us to give us comfort and security. Our friends hug us to give their support and express caring. Curved walls and rounded rooms help recreate that universal feeling we get from a lifetime of hugs and kindness.

Valley views its curved upstairs rooms  (see pdf floor plans and pictures for princess turret and yoga)  create a special nurturing space of arms around us to  experience  being held and provided for,  love, security and comfort.

Valley views kitchen featuring a unique focal point

Its stylish curved wall is so entertainingly playful  for self and parties.  It bends- creates a special living space, giving it a cosy, sociable feel.

Its a beautiful  Kitchen complimented by a captivating  sculpted solid Quartz surface most cant help reaching out to touch “to feel at one with the heart of your home”. a soft, curve sensation!

Valley views curved walls have an organic feel  that keep on giving

Beautiful rounded style and an thrilling chateau roof line  rewards your coming back to your home experience, every time.  

Externally it’s a handsome house  with  strong angles  and wall of glass .. the yin and yang are reflected inside harmony inside with the beautiful curved walls.

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