Welcome to Valley Views

Your dream home in the country


This home is not only healthy and happy but its design has flexibility to adopt to support you – while your life changes- be it children, a health operation, easy working from home.

Please see the floor plans below

Whats of value in your life today to create a home to support your wishes?

Make yourself stronger, boost morale of others

Mentally and physically – want to jump out of bed – feeling better still

Children being secure, comfortable nurturing creativity

A creative solutions work  space with its no clutter zone

Family and friends sharing your kind experiences – willing you on to flourish .. see floor plans to support your wishes.


GROUND FLOOR – first make yourself stronger, then boost the morale of your family, friends and community


Ground Floor Valley Views


Ask to see Kitchen for “delicious design” and Lounge for family fun that makes the best of times and create wonderful memories and experiences thanks to brands that make us flourish.


FIRST FLOOR – your visitors are feeling special. They share your enjoyment of good design, made by good people and seeing you all flourish

We have also drawn up these additional ideas for how you might use the first floor of the house.

Let  us share these innovative, creativity spaces for you to  personalise to suit the ever changing health, well being, love, work space and life comfort that your self, family and guests will enjoy.


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