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Valley Views has been built with eco friendliness at it´s core.

In Bill Gates’ recent book, How To Avoid A Climate Disaster he writes that: “We need a breakthrough.”

Valley Views has provided one of those breakthroughs, and it will reward and enrich your life after lockdown with technologies that have been tested over the last 10 years.

94% Low carbon achieved

Valley Views is a ten-year-old brick built home, with large barn sized open spaces and large windows, and yet it’s environmental footprint is extremely low.

This house will make your life special and likely boost your health, as it did for the previous occupants.

Valley views lets you share my breakthrough eco discoveries for a happy & healthy life.. at home, & at work to improve at your pace!

It has taken 10 years to research & develop the best technologies for this house. A team of passionate technical engineers worked hard to overcome the excess use of fossil fuel, providing low-cost benefits and ease of use flexibility. We wanted the finest eco tech that would provide both comfort and health and well-being gains. One of the engineers created an app providing real time reports to boost comfort and efficiencies. We linked to additional, very precise analysing equipment to measure the many biomass and system statistics. This enabled us to take responsibility for the operational effectiveness.

Depending on the results we either kept, improved or rejected the technologies. This has led to remarkable 94% low carbon footprint, providing many benefits for our lives and futures.

Sir David Attenborough says “what each other’s does in the next few years, will determine our future for the next Thousands of Years.”

Valley Views has accomplished the brief of amazing room designs and fulfilled the desire of Mark’s children for a house that would provide “fairness” for their generations eco futures.

The thermal store solution

Valley View’s main heating comes from a thermal store, fed by a community network, solar panelled, biomass boiler, where you benefit – the maintenance and discounted bulk fuel buying, is easy. It is done for you. Your heat used is precisely metered and very low cost!

The pumping heart of your heating system, this ‘thermal energy battery of home heat’ is called on to provide all home heating, baths, and power showers. This thermal store solution for comfort and eco. Intelligently engineered, to future proof your energy source as technology continues to evolve.

Fresh filtered air for health

We equipped the whole house with a fresh-air system that cleans your fresh air and simultaneously removes “stale air”.

Covid we are told is a wake up call to this and the next potential airborne infections. This tech offers comfort, also improving the health of family and friends that effect millions of asthma and hay-fever sufferers.

Fresh filtered warm air eco

Eco heating your air in winter. Its clever. The system works by reusing the heat it captures to warm fresh air while stripping the energy as stale air is expelled.

But what keeps you comfortable when it is very cold outside?

This system automatically keeps you warm, topped up with the addition of an eco biomass circuit.

Researched by Mark in Germany where they developed tech for eco, & health and effective use of resources.

Fresh filtered air eco cooled for comfort

In the summer months, the air continues to be freshened and eco cooled.

Other useful specifications of the air filtering system:

  • a reduction in cooking smells, cigarette smoke, pet odour, bathroom smells or new carpet chemicals whilst improving your health
  • The addition of continuously running air movement silencers allows you to keep windows shut and reduces noise
  • There is no need to be disturbed by noisy extractor fans or ugly air vents.
  • The house is more  peaceful and quiet as a result.
  • Engineered in Germany for passive homes.

“Cool” comfortable Innovative insulation

Even the paint is special at Valley Views. It’s the same eco tech that NASA used on the space shuttles to reflect heat. And of course in winter, it is warming BUT can be comforting in summer!

Incorporated here at Valley Views its cool reflective properties enhancing your comfort used with the eco cooling air technology…

Valley Views | The moment of crisis has come....

Under floor heating

The pipework install at Valley Views was specified and designed for an English winter climate. This enables the heating system to perform with the greatest comfort and numerous benefits for this type of heating have been proven, including better health. Under floor heating was used throughout the ground floor of the house. This technology, engineered in Germany was also chosen by Wembley Stadium.

Flexible skirting radiators

For the first floor of the house, Mark was keen to provide heating that was not only highly efficient, but that would allow the ultimate flexibility for furniture placement. The clever choice of skirting radiators means the upstairs can be better utilised making each room feel more spacious. You will see they make each room feel more spacious and cosy -especially the Master bedroom & Yoga/spare room .

Mark said “I‘d seen an entrepreneur on Dragon’s Den, who was showing his latest technology – skirting board radiators – and decided to call him”.   The company is now a success, selling to many top-end developers in the UK, and into hospitals, who are choosing them because it maximises the available space. These innovative radiators were installed in the first-floor rooms at valley View.

These radiators use warm water from the thermal store and respond more quickly than conventional radiators or under floor heating, so you can quickly heat up a room just before guests arrive, reducing energy to make further savings. They create no dust or discolouration ensuring your home decor looks better and lasts longer. They are so neat and discreet that you can design your interior in the way you want, without being constrained by the positioning of old-fashioned, bulky radiators.


An integrated vacuum cleaner

Calm and hygienic

Do you hate vacuuming? The integral vacuum cleaning system makes cleaning easy and more effective. The system has more power than many vacuum cleaners yet only weighs half as much. There’s no dusty exhaust air to breath in, no loud noise, so cleaning is easier, better and faster! It’s an added health bonus for people with asthma who benefit from reduced dust levels in the house.

Instant boiling water And or cold filtered water

Curiously, no kettles, no leads, no clutter, no wasted time hanging around… just 98oC steaming hot, Much safer and lighter than a kettle–especially with children in the house.

It can provide up to 100 cups of 98oC filtered water per hour and you can fill your mug or pan directly from the tap and cold fresh, filtered tasty, (no need to buy plastic bottled) water, at the flick of a lever.


All the taps in the house have been chosen because they have a silk-like movement–so easy to use and a joy to control.

The bathroom products–baths, showers etc. are Italian design featuring beautiful curves chosen to reflecting on the homes stylish curved design, promoting a heightened sense of well-being and pleasure. Mark was able to visit the factory in Stoke-on-Trent, where he saw the use of materials to create products with passion and beauty for relaxation or refreshing in. (and yes, he knows it’s only another detail)

Each of the showers Tech, has been proven to use less water and require less heating than normal showers, to give you the feel of luxury, power or massage without the pain of expensive running costs. Winner of the prestigious iF” product design award, the designer says “ensuring perfect proportions and consistent geometry, the coordinated hand and head showers enhance the visual appeal and celebrate water”. The shower head can be swivelled to the optimum position and is supplemented by the award-winning hand shower.

Cheaper to run yet providing eco solutions to a better life for all on our planet

All these leading-edge technological advances mean the house heating and hot water fuel costs less than using conventional fuels, and the carbon cost is equally tiny. With 4 people living in Valley Views and enjoying it as a home office with restaurant, heating for considerably longer, the annual carbon usage is less than 2 ton for all their heating, hot water, cooking and electricity.

Natural materials add everyday luxury.

Some features have been incorporated because of their unique natural beauty, how they feel to the touch and for their longevity (better for sustainable sourcing).

  • Fired Earth iridescent tiles have rainbow colours that appear to move and change in a different light.
  • Broad oak floorboards look stunning and feel wonderful for bare feet.
  • The Jericho floor is a limestone that has been naturally compressed into a marble, it is strong, durable, and really needs to be touched to be appreciated.

Visitors to this house always comment on its beauty, design and how special the different “considerations” make them feel. The only way to truly appreciate the house is to come and visit.

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