Covid-19 and lockdown has changed the way well off consumers think. The way they view their own physical and mental health. They’ve re-assessed their place within their local communities. Their use of precious resources – energy in our homes, holiday travel or simply how they do their daily commute to work. They’ve considered how much harmful waste they produce, the length of their international supply chains and the evil of single use plastics which end up in our oceans. Many have learned to appreciate green spaces, value fresh air and enjoy the sound of birdsong.Business, too, has had to evaluate, pivot and adjust. Behind the scenes managers will have reviewed how they monitor and reduce their carbon footprint, water consumption or the production and disposal of waste.

As a result of this pause in ‘life as usual’ many consumers will be thinking about the brands they want to support in future. This presents businesses with an opportunity to seize the initiative and share their vision for eco-friendly policies and practices to consumers that will be much more receptive and interested than before.

At the same time, social media has also been in the news, with many questioning the role it plays in influencing our behaviours and the power of the big platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube  and TikTok. Lockdown has accelerated the pre-existing trend for information to be digital and we have relied more heavily on out online communities to stay connected.

 Valley Views presents an opportunity to engage these upmarket, environmentally aware, consumers. It provides a suitable blank canvass for product placement. Each homely and comfortable room sets a different scene for a convivial chat, with no immediate pressure to buy. An opportunity to develop a stronger connection with your brand values, to explain how your supply chain is ethical and environmentally friendly, or your progress in reducing carbon footprint by changing business practice or using renewable energy. How these will practices will benefit our future generations of children and grandchildren. These messages will strengthen the relationship between business and consumer and encourage consumers who love your values and products both to buy and to recommend you to others.

 If you’d like YOUR  product placed in a real world showcase with NO fear of coronavirus contact Mark Edwards,

 Location of Valley Views

Valley Views nestles in the quiet village of Shrawley, only yards away from 450 acres of woodland, valleys, and rivers, but easily accessible to film crews and presenters from Birmingham, Solihull, Worcester and Cheltenham.

 There is a lovely country pub for the team to relax in and an historic 1,000 year old village church just a short stroll over the fields, past the river which adds a certain charm for further outdoor photography.

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