I feel optimistic about all our better futures in Great Britain. And our sharing developments globally, taking responsibility to inspire the world. To share one anothers best practices leads to better products. And process for kinder, better lives and futures for us all.

To help you improve your own health and wellbeing I share below the hand-picked suppliers that make Valley Views the healthy, joyful home it is. With its 94% eco-friendly breakthrough, with proved effective fresh air filtering and eco heating tech. Also, the special designers and engineers & retailers of effective products for improving everyday health, wellbeing and communities.

How to be the “better life” you wish to see…

Our home can be our favourite place for comfort and caring for others… Members of your family will feel good about themselves, as different aspects of the house resonate with them. Eco heating, tasty healthy food, transport. it is essential we cut carbon making tomorrow better.

Rule 1: You don’t need to be a homeowner to enjoy taking control of better choices.

Your one shopping basket is the power to improve yours and other lives.

Today by seeing my pages you have already identified gaining proven knowledge to take control and improve your life and others. Let’s amplify your good actions by identifying businesses and key products that work in your budget for daily consumption (groceries etc ) and home/ life upgrades (eco heating etc.)

When you and your family trust the products engineering, pleasing design & or its managements track record to care for people (corporate social responsibility, CSR- see on their websites) you will gain more joy. I have seen people owning “Value for life!” Awareness of your better purchase improves many more lives beyond just your families (tastier treats or eco comforting warmth). You feel more in control, so relevant when life has felt so uncertain.

Proactive caring businesses gaining profits supporting growth for need PROVIDING FOR SCALE, not greed, needs SUPPORTING. Led by consumers acknowledging the differences beyond price and easy ORDERING. Rewarding better value = “Value for life” by switching some or all of their buying and sharing product and process (see princes trust video link M+S ) promoted to their friends.

When we can afford to buy better futures for each other and planet lets support exceptional businesses Like BT and M+S because my past Princes Trust experience I trust them to deliver truly exceptional eco and social benefits as well as very good products.

For instance M+S does provide for better lives with what we eat, & wear. It adds value beyond tastiness that makes me smile. See the below link for M&S action on climate change:,power%201%2C190%20houses%20per%20year.

and BT supports the ways we like to communicate it adds value beyond speed , sport and web protection for my family, that makes me smile.

I support a kindness revolution to people and planet involving Sir David Attenborough and Greta, demonstrated by the NHS and tax payers and the GREAT, BRITSH PUBLIC including now in covid times

We need to gain scale of customers changing businesses practices that can make quick, effective changes to speed up preserving our planet.

If you like the Valley Views home ideas I share exceptional people I interviewed about products & you can consider for your happier and eco home, also for your travel , holidays and supporting businesses that do good, wanting growth

Heating engineering suppliers I researched, interviewed, bought product from:

Rehau – Quality Underfloor heating pipe ( see eco page) and below ground for community heat network

Thermal skirt – innovative eco rads that make the home feel more spacious and special

Essco – adds effectiveness/ longevity to the boiler and systems efficiency

Kane – Analysing boiler. effectiveness Identifying and changing variables. Looking deeper finding efficiency was a direct result of their quality equipment .

Gap eco – biomass boiler support –

Eco pellet boiler expertise for happiness! Introduced by visionary Roger Croft: We have taken science, engineering & analysis to support others who want an easier and or better Eco boiler experience. For more information email

Engineering and design on display to increase daily pleasure

Grohe taps/showers ( see eco page)

Insinkerator – steaming hot water tap and eco cold ( see eco page)

shower walls:

Exceptional suppliers have provided me with well being

Jeremy for enjoyable mood improving art:

Today particularly, it’s nice to be reminded of this…. it’s good to be alive hopefully healthy too.

I enjoy Jeremys art to make today and tomorrow better!

Reminding us in spaces at home and work from canteens to cafes where there is not a budget for costly redecoration but a need indeed for us taking control to make one more difference! See if you see it as creative, mood uplifting, and enjoyable.

Our home is all about a happy place that can also entertain us more rewardingly.

Social Experience needs engineering and science if we are to advance seeing breakthroughs.

Music Matters – their promise “what ever it takes.” I have gained from for 25 Years… of their ingenuity and care for mind-blowingly enjoyable sound and vision. To taking responsibility for home automation featuring a new generation of eco friendly solutions to full house control of CCTV.

Nicky is my Guru for enjoyable yoga and my discipline for exercising mindfulness This enables opportunity in life for healthier and stronger self, ,family and more effective work.. adds to my Happiness. At Nicky’s local Yoga barn the evolution of yoga continues from exercise to path of liberation. The body and mind intrinsically connected. As the body gains strength and mobility one gains self-control and liberation of the mind. 

Classes to suit your progression. Lessons that can be discussed to support business development objectives

Mindfulness has helped me create Valley Views as a 94% efficient eco friendly home, slashing carbon years ahead of big businesses and government.

Explain and receive support by my family who agreed to sacrifices in order to buy better tech

Its design for well being is a result of focussed thinking surrounded by supportive people and products . Perhaps these people can also help you and your organisation as they have helped me. ESPECAILLY IN THE AFTERMOTH OF COVID

Robert Holden has inspired in me Love of family , happiness and also business success intelligence his personal devotion to scientific observations and MIND engineering for our benefit . Robert has impressed me for 25 years and Opera Winfrey TV too!

Hotter shoes “smart sole engineering and attractive deaign”. These were gifts I gave to my mum. The tech improved her comfort walking and gave her a “Lift” making her look stylish and feel younger. Providing us both, with more enjoyable & precious, shared experiences.

For me Hotter shoes gifts were perfect value for life. As their management process of all production waste is fully recycled, giving me inner peace, making Hotter an irresistible proposition.

Gas boiler that you may have? My assembling our biomass boiler and testing each of its components to extremes I have an appreciation for excellent boilers, for, effectiveness, efficiency, and long term results.

Worcester – Bosch have a truly impressive leadership and matching team. Leading to excellent engineering and production, I recommended Worcester Bosch to my father. He got a high efficiency gas boiler that cut consumption. its controls increased comfort, at a mass produced cost (lower than biomass boiler cost at this time!). They are leaders in eco for gas reduction whilst investing in innovation to switch to hydrogen seamlessly (ie. net zero carbon when hydrogen is available) and kindly support the community

Perhaps your business can GROW influenced by my breakthroughs at Valley Views. My experiences and innovative technology make for attractive & real photo locations.

Being not only recognised for leading design, product or processes that resonate. But vitally rewarded by revenue and margin growth by attracting & communicating your better actions for people and planet influenced by my real breakthrough, experiences or attractive & real photo locations.

Jes Staley, Chief Executive of Barclays, said he believes that the post Climate action and green finance ‘could be next internet boom’ when he appeared on future Net Zero.

Valley Views is already at 94% towards net Zero. can you gain from my ideas and research below forimprovement in your business or works?

Perhaps my breakthroughs can influence your business to be financially stronger, being not only recognised but vitally rewarded (growth) for its better actions for people and planet?

Or boardroom buy-in & supporting your “key teams” so enthusiasm is created, and motivation, not manipulation is managed in a way that is explained to get commitment. Motivation to keep going to deliver value for business, planet and people when it needs experience and explanation to be your breakthrough? Or do you already achieve as above needing only a small change to improve communicating REAL honesty? Creating desirability amongst prospects who value you enough to become more profitable customers? Communicating results that resonate to tell their friends to support your growth?

Can you gain from these skilled communicators who have been an asset to me?

Justin’s digital expertise creates the right interested audience in a most enjoyable/ or knowing way. His understanding goes far beyond support digital and web for real human appeal. I am sure you too will enjoy his truly enhanced value add.

Jeremy – exceptional commercial art work, where he makes creativity in your “offer”, relevant, effective and memorably enjoyed for your messages longer recall.

Gill – sales growth is an ever changing science. Gills team provide marketing science with respect for the way you work. Saving you time by identifying what works better today. Then marketing skills implementing scale for you to grow.

  • Toby Baillon – Toby’s videos captivate your audience. His proven science – pictures, soundtracks and scripting etc add layers of interest to your promotion . His engineering, editing for Audience Delivery etc to communicating efficiently, able to be watched on the channels your audience access
  • Toby supports many prestigious businesses and has helped me with the videos for Valley Views. 
  • Video 1 social media and product photo location at Valley Views
  • Video 2 an eco home that will inspire you, so well specified, you may want to own

Entrepreneurs Circle GROWTH for start ups and SME . Their support can increase wealth and create much needed employment! Especially valuable when you have time, or need to learn new, yet proven marketing ideas. Ideal for DIY or managing others marketing to scale your instructions for better results!

International recruitment to build your businesses expertise . Making precise assessments who will identify the qualifications of your international candidate and more. Clarifying their skills to accelerate growth.

Holiday travel and air quality

I choose Easy jet are the only major airline to offset the carbon emissions from fuel used Easy jet traveling better for all my family.

 Toyota hybrids excellence in eco engineering

I choose a Toyota hybrid. It has made my driving more pleasurable, less stressful and easier. Such an eco improvement over others.. a great choice, try one if you can!

Your Air Quality. My findings reveal this…. For your health sake, I urge you keep abreast of the latest technology.

Reference fresh air purity and comfort in homes, UK clinics & hotter humid climates. I agreed to test the procozy® airtech by They provide air Purification up to medical grades and Dehumidification without the nuisances of a compressor. If Dehumidification is what you want, they are leaders. call them!

Should you invest in fresh filtered air at home in the Uk? – see if my eco page helps inform you!

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